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May 19, 2021

Aguirre Highlighted The Good Game

Diego Aguirre indicated after the match against Cerrito, which culminated in a 4-0 victory, that Peñarol played “a good match, just like against Cerro.”

“We found the way to goals again and got a very clear difference,” added La Fiera.

The coach highlighted “the desire that the team put in” and pointed out that “playing like this, it is difficult for Peñarol to lose.”

Diego Aguirre did not save praise for Cerrito and indicated that “they planned the game very well, they played in good form, I liked it a lot, but at one point they were overcome.”

Likewise, the Peñarol coach could not hide the difference made by the goal scored by Sergio Leal 18 seconds into the game. “I also thought we were going to be calmer, because in the first half we didn’t create more than a couple more goal situations and the first part of the game was very even,” said the former scorer.

Aguirre said that it is important that “all the members of the establishment have their opportunity and within the possible use all the changes”.

On the other hand, the coach said that “victories reassure and it was what we needed so that everything goes the normal way that everything should go. What happens is that in previous games we had also played well, but they wanted us to believe that it was all wrong, and it wasn’t. You have to be calm and as the team found the goals, everything was going to go well.

Finally, Aguirre said that he does not consider winning the championship in such a strong way. “We must think game after game, win and then see if it gives us to stay with the first tournament of the year. This is very even and anyone can get points from you. If we play like against Cerro or Cerrito, it makes a difference,” he explained the coach of Peñarol.