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Aguirre Highlighted The Good Game

Diego Aguirre indicated after the match against Cerrito, which culminated in a 4-0 victory, that Peñarol played “a good match, just like against Cerro.”

“We found the way to goals again and got a very clear difference,” added La Fiera.

The coach highlighted “the desire that the team put in” and pointed out that “playing like this, it is difficult for Peñarol to lose.”

Diego Aguirre did not save praise for Cerrito and indicated that “they planned the game very well, they played in good form, I liked it a lot, but at one point they were overcome.”

Likewise, the Peñarol coach could not hide the difference made by the goal scored by Sergio Leal 18 seconds into the game. “I also thought we were going to be calmer, because in the first half we didn’t create more than a couple more goal situations and the first part of the game was very even,” said the former scorer.

Aguirre said that it is important that “all the members of the establishment have their opportunity and within the possible use all the changes”.

On the other hand, the coach said that “victories reassure and it was what we needed so that everything goes the normal way that everything should go. What happens is that in previous games we had also played well, but they wanted us to believe that it was all wrong, and it wasn’t. You have to be calm and as the team found the goals, everything was going to go well.

Finally, Aguirre said that he does not consider winning the championship in such a strong way. “We must think game after game, win and then see if it gives us to stay with the first tournament of the year. This is very even and anyone can get points from you. If we play like against Cerro or Cerrito, it makes a difference,” he explained the coach of Peñarol.


The Best Players From the Premier League 2021

The Premier League has always set a high standard for football and helped players produce their best. Despite being a weird season for football, players have managed to shine and help their clubs reach European glory. Due to that, we can always look into the best players from the league and understand how things have come up towards the end of the season. Hence, go ahead and read more about the best players from the Premier League 2021.

Harry Kane

Harry Kane

The leading goal scorer for Tottenham and the entire league is clearly someone worth exploring. Harry Kane has always come forward to help his team score the right goals, despite Tottenham not being able to achieve silverware. His remarkable spirit and talent are all visible, and he is now in competition with Mohamed Salah of Liverpool for the Golden Boot. Thanks to that, Kane is clearly one of the best in the league, and he still has a lot to offer.

Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandez has had a transformative effect on Manchester United, and it has worked to the fullest. The Portuguese international has scored a ton of goals for the club and has managed to lift them to a whole new extent. Thanks to his extensive set of heroics and Ole’s strategic decision-making skills, fans of United can look towards another great season as their team comes close to being the ones on top.

Ruben Dias

The fact that Ruben Dias is only 23 is both exciting for City and alarming for the rest of the clubs. As a defender who was bought for £65million, Dias was quick to show his worth and let the fans know that he is home. Dias has been at the top of his game this season and has blocked a number of goals from all kinds of strikers. Due to his excellent set of skills and a combined team effort, City sees themselves heading towards the final of the Champions League, where they will face Chelsea.

Jesse Lingard

Jesse Lingard

The Jesse Lingard story is some of the best comeback stories that you will ever hear in recent times. After suffering a huge blow at Manchester United, Lingard went ahead to be sent off on loan to West Ham. And from January, Lingard began showcasing his talent and ultimately became one of the best players in the league. With a wide number of assists, goals, and a lot more, Lingard was quick to take things forward and help the world understand that it is not the end of his career.

While the league has clearly showcased more talent, we believe a list of four needs to be the best. Hence, that was our take on the best Premier League players of 2021.

Everyone knows that Penarol is my life

Carlos Bueno is more than a forward scorer for Peñarol. He is a fan infiltrated on the field. He is dying for this shirt and dreams of one day, when he leaves football, returning to Amsterdam to cheer on the team.

“Everyone knows that Peñarol is my life. I leave my life for this club and I do not change it for anything,” confessed the forward.

“Now I’m in the club, playing in the first, like my idols, who was going to see the stands, and I’m going to fight it until the end for the club,” he added.

The club’s crest has been tattooed on his heart for a year and a half. “The thing is that one is more of a fan than one imagines. When I am on the court many times I behave as a fan rather than as a player. I am both at the same time,” said the Artiguense.

Name: Carlos Eber Bueno Suárez
Date of birth: May 10, 1980
Place of birth: Artigas
Weight: 72 kilos
Height: 1.78 meters
Position: forward
Career: First of Peñarol since 1999.
“I feel the things that happen to Peñarol as a fan. I feel the same way as the fans when the team loses or draws a draw,” Bueno said.

Carlos Bueno played for Wanderers de Artigas and, at the beginning of 1997, he arrived in Peñarol.

As soon as he arrived in Montevideo, he went to the Santa Rita school complex to train with the club’s fifth division.

That year he became the division’s top scorer with 24 goals and was summoned by Víctor Púa for the sub-20 team that participated in the South American of Argentina in 1999.

The player recalled that in 1997 and 1998 he went with some friends from the interior to Amsterdam to see the team. “Now it’s my turn to be inside and I don’t want to disappoint anyone. I want to score a lot of goals for the club, but the most important thing is that Peñarol wins, no matter who scored.”

“When one has scoring streaks, the important thing is to maintain them for personal good, but also for the rest of the teammates, with whom we share many things throughout the year,” said Bueno.

On the other hand, he pointed out that he enjoys this personal moment, although he hopes that the team will find the winning path. “I am calm. If I can make one or two goals better, but that Peñarol wins is what is really important,” said the Artiguense.

In this sense, he added that the club’s winning mystique must be maintained “for those who have just arrived and also for those who return.”


It is Still Viable To Sell Players From Club To Club

The accountant Jose Pedro Damiani, president of the club, received in his office on Reconquista street.

At a time when the possibility of carrying out a transfer package is being commented in all the media, the corners and the tribune, when the club has been coming back in the Qualifying table and after the elimination of the Libertadores, Damiani spoke of all the themes for the official website of Peñarol.

How is the current situation in Peñarol?

Uruguayan soccer is totally unviable because of the tickets that are sold, because of the expenses that the show itself has and fundamentally because it seems that there is a disbelief of people to go to soccer. The public goes to other shows. In view are the tickets that are sold and the collections. For the price of the tickets compared to the dollar value prices in all of America and around the world, it seems that in Montevideo an amateur football was played.

Why do you think people stopped going to watch football?

The fact that important matches are seen on live television has brought a disbelief. You can see the advertising in many bars in which you see football eating a pizza. Anyway we have very, very valuable players. The proof is that an entrepreneur wants to buy a package and not players and we understand that valuable players do not go in packages because each one has an individual value. Above all, there is a provision here that players, when transferring, they have 20% of the final value for them and it is very difficult in a package to determine how much one is worth, how much the other is worth and the other. That is the reason for the gunner of a negotiation that you may have seen on the Internet and because it has an echo and every day there is a page in all the newspapers about this operation. It is evident that Peñarol, even though it has an economic and financial lag, for now cannot carry out operations that result in medium or immediate difficulties. That is the reason for the gunner of a negotiation that you may have seen on the Internet and because it has an echo and every day there is a page in all the newspapers about this operation. It is evident that Peñarol, even though it has an economic and financial lag, for now cannot carry out operations that result in medium or immediate difficulties. That is the reason for the gunner of a negotiation that you may have seen on the Internet and because it has an echo and every day there is a page in all the newspapers about this operation. It is evident that Peñarol, even though it has an economic and financial lag, for now cannot carry out operations that result in medium or immediate difficulties.

Is it time to do this player transfer operation?

I do not believe. I was with (businessman Francisco) Casal a few days ago and he did not talk to me about players or transfers and we would meet the following Friday. As he travels so much, he did not know what time or anything, and he met with the Peñarol Board of Directors, in a meeting in which I did not participate.

What did you think of that idea?

He didn’t even care what he had told her. Why the players in a pack? Players are not furniture. How much do you have? How much are you worth of this package? Is it useful for Peñarol? The player has by right, by rule and by regulation, 20% of the amount of his transfer.

Does Peñarol need to sell Carlos Bueno now?

I have been president of Peñarol for 16 years and 40 as a leader. I was treasurer, counselor, everything. They called me the fireman, because he put out all the fires. Well, he is a player who obviously has a commodity that is the goal that is the sustenance of football and is the result. He is at his best and we are not going to deny Bueno, even if it is a very big blow for Peñarol in sport,

This operation goes with the sporting sacrifice. And that is clear. Possibly I absorb the solutions, because I always said in all circumstances that the president is the one who has to give the solutions.

There are people who say that for the second semester they want to strengthen the team, that the squad is short. We have a campus whose monthly budget is $ 120,000 and we raise $ 10,000 per month, this year and it was the average of last year. So take a look at the miracle.

The miracle was that we have tried to ensure that the five-year period of Peñarol was not equaled by another five-year period of Nacional. It was the fourth step to get to the fifth. We brought in Chilavert, which was ultimately what prevented Nacional from winning. And that he gave the championship to Peñarol, not so much because of what he saved, but they did not shoot the goal for wanting to ensure it and also put a professional order within the team in the last semester that apparently we do not have now.

Do you understand that it is still feasible to transfer players from club to club?

I think so. The other day before the end of the visit of the Tenfield businessmen, a surprise visit because they were not scheduled to come, we had an offer of $ 2,000,000 free for Peñarol and it had been accepted.

Can you imagine that these proposals can come to fruition?

It was clear. I had asked for authorization to sign the agreement that left 2,000,000 dollars free for Peñarol, and that had to increase what had to be paid to the players. 20% to Good and 5% transfer tax. It is clear that money obviously has a different value for us. If you see what people earn, or the minimum wages obviously do not compare with what they earn in the world.

Can that operation that they proposed you come to fruition?

That operation has already been stand by, because this other one appeared and there are other leaders in the club. I am the one among my peers, but they are negotiating and talking. I have shown him a sheet of a whole newspaper talking about the package, and yesterday they talked about me saying that the Onion was non-transferable. The packages have their individual value, even if it is a package in a whole, the one who makes the package says this is worth 10, this is worth 4, this is worth 1 and there it adds up and gives the total.

How do you imagine this all ends?

In nothing, in nothing. In a conversation. We have long-standing obligations and we have officially transferred the right to players to Bengoechea, Cedrés and coach Gregorio Pérez of a percentage of the transfers, to pay what we owe him. Always falling behind for the gunner’s reason.

How are the youth divisions of the club?

For the expense it would seem that we work too well. We have twenty-something guys from the inside, screened and recruited by talent scouts. We have at the Kolping College at a cost of more than 250 thousand pesos per month, nothing more than a hotel, 300 boys, who are also working at the Santa Rita.

Here there is no for all this. The number of clubs has been expanded and it is a lie to really play this integration as it is played. There is the expense of going inside. It happened the other day that Peñarol’s third division was playing in the preliminary of the first, the game was suspended due to rain on Friday, they did not notify Peñarol, the team went to Maldonado and did not play.

How is soccer made viable in Uruguay?

Sometimes It Helps To Win Anyway

Diego Aguirre finally relaxed tensions at the end of the game against Rentistas.

After a 2-0 victory against América de México, but which also did not help the team to qualify for the second round of the Copa Libertadores, that first half against Rentistas had arrived, which culminated in a 1-0 defeat.

“Against Rentistas we managed quite well the first half and we could not take advantage of the scoring opportunities. On the contrary, they had theirs and went to the half-time won,” Diego Aguirre began by saying.

“Luckily the draw came, since we were all getting a little nervous. People were also anxious and those things had an impact on the team,” added the coach of Peñarol.

About the feeling with which he left the stadium, the Peñarol coach was very clear: “You had to win, and that was the first thing. We had just been left out of the Libertadores and the team needed to win.”

Aguirre added that “the first half was acceptable, because there were no setbacks and we controlled the game quite a bit. In the second half I think we went to the front more out of desire than anything else.”

For Aguirre that old axiom that it is useful to win in any way is valid.

“At any time, winning always works. If you win all the games in any way, in the end you are the champion. Sometimes even getting wins like this Sunday are also very good for the group. When the team has a mental response to overcome the bad moment of the game at a disadvantage and a very hard week works. Because there were 20 minutes left and we were losing, “added the coach.