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Sometimes It Helps To Win Anyway

Diego Aguirre finally relaxed tensions at the end of the game against Rentistas. After a 2-0 victory against América de México, but which also did not help the team to…

Everyone knows that Penarol is my life

Carlos Bueno is more than a forward scorer for Peñarol. He is a fan infiltrated on the field. He is dying for this shirt and dreams of one day, when…

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Good game

Aguirre Highlighted The Good Game

Diego Aguirre indicated after the match against Cerrito, which culminated in a 4-0 victory, that Peñarol played “a good match, just like against Cerro.” “We found the way to goals…
Premier League

The Best Players From the Premier League 2021

The Premier League has always set a high standard for football and helped players produce their best. Despite being a weird season for football, players have managed to shine and…

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